Sampling equipment for seeds

Automatic sampling – Heron image

Automatic sampling – Heron

HERON 4000 - that is a sampling radius or 2900 mm

A 1.1 kW oscillating up/down-drive gearmotor is controlled through a variable frequence drive (for higher torque and electronic detection of the dumper bottom).

Adjustable air/grain balance 0.25 kW swivel drive gearmotor, VFD-controlled, and 3 kW (380V) vacuum turbine with flow inverter, installed at the foot of the sampler for conveying distances up to 60 m, or at the receiver station end for greater distances. Integrated electric enclosure attached to the sampler pillar "Cycloburo"-style receiver station with 10 l receiving jar

Remote control: easy-to-use button-and-switch HMI or optional joystick control panel.

Sample intake through monotube (vacuum) probe or twin-walled probe (core-sampling technology) New "in-line" sampler arm: the hoses are in line with the sampler arm to avoid being caught under tarp bows.

Sieves - image


Y28  Sieve shaking device - image

Y28 Sieve shaking device

Grain sample divider - image

Grain sample divider